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  • Elementary Music Program Information

    Elementary Music Program

    It’s time again for the elementary music program.  The evening will being at 7:00PM on Monday May 9th.  I will share with you the concert order and costume suggestions. 


    Concert Order:

    Pre-school/Kindergarten stand and sing 3 songs

    4th Grade Recorders play two songs in a band setting

    5th/6th Grade Band play two songs in a band setting

    5th/6th Grade Choir sing two songs on the risers

    1st-3rd Grade perform the musical Swamped!


    Costume Suggestions:

    All students in grades Preschool, Kindergarten, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade can dress in nice clothes.  We are performing, so this is a great chance to dress in those fancy clothes!  4th-6th grade students will be sitting in chairs to perform so please no short skirts.  Our playing positions are better when our legs are not crossed.


    1st-3rd Grade suggestions:
    Students may dress in clothing that may be fitting to their character for the musical.  There is a list of students and parts on the back of this letter.  Mrs. Bosak will be making some additional costuming parts including masks. 


    Frogs- Greens

    Fish and Butterflies- Bright fun colors

    Turtles- Green/Brown

    Mosquitos- Gray or Black

    Snakes- If you have a stuffed snake we could wrap around you?  Dark colors/stripes

    Ducks-White or light colors

    Raccoon- Black or Gray

    Heron- Blue

    Minnows- Gray/Black

    Tadpoles- Brown/Green  (they will turn into frogs)

    Egret- White

    Blackbird- Black


    Remember that these are just suggestions.  Students can wear any clothes that are appropriate for a performance.  Some parents like to get into costuming and some don’t.  Both are fine.  It’s the music that’s important.  The rest is just icing on the cake.  If you have questions about the program please contact me.  If you have questions about costuming please contact Mandy Bosak.


    Justin Bosak-  308-430-2493


    Mandy Bosak-  308-430-4008


    3rd Grade- 20

    Grayden Anderson:  Painted Turtle

    Hayley Boon:  Duck

    Carson Bosak:  Leopard Frog

    Jayce Boteo-Mazariegos:  Frog

    Bently Dehart:  Snake

    Marco Ferreira:  Blackbird

    Emanuel Guido-Sanchez:  Snake

    Jacob Hoblyn-Bittner:  Frog

    Breanna Johnson:  Butterfly

    Maddox Jones:  Box Turtle

    Adrian McKee:  Raccoon

    Delaney Myers:  Snapping Turtle

    Carli Ptacek:  Butterfly

    Katelynn Reiter:  Swan

    Allie Rohde:  Dragonfly

    Cohen Rohde:  Bullfrog (Bully)

    Rilyn Schledewitz:  Dragonfly

    Clayton Scoville:  Green Frog

    Anna Triplett:  Butterfly

    Jaelin Wolfinger:  Butterfly


    2nd Grade- 14

    Taryn Arbuthnot:  Dragonfly

    Brodie Bashaw:  Pollywog (tadpole)

    Preston Beattie:  Tommy Tadpole

    Wyatt Boon:  Mosquito

    Chance Daake:  Mosquito

    Wyatt Dodd:  Minnow

    Riggin Flies:  Minnow

    Daniela Gamez:  Mosquito

    Jaycelyn Hoos:  Duck

    Christyn Kearney:  Heron

    Carlos Mazariegos:  Mosquito

    Isaac O’Neill:  Mosquito

    Justin Rosentreader:  Egret

    Ellie Scoville:  Blackbird


    1st Grade- 8

    Gavin Anderson:  Bluegill

    Alexis Buck:  Mosquito

    Trenton Dehart:  Mosquito

    Payton Johnson:  Banded Sunfish

    Presley Myers:  Red-Spotted Newt

    Caleb Reiter:  Owl

    Beau Triplett:  Tadpole

    Caden Williams:  Bluegill


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  • Grandparents Day Held at SEM

    Grandparents day is an annual event that we host at SEM Public School. On this day, preschool through sixth grade students invite their grandparents to spend the day with them to live the elementary life. The Grandparents start off by enjoying coffee and doughnuts in the gymnasium while they mingle with fellow grandparents and old classmates. They then go and sit in the classrooms with their grandchildren while the teachers talk about what they do in their everyday classroom life. Next, they head back down to the gym for a little music concert performed by preschool through sixth grade and Mr. Justin Bosak. To end their day, they set down for a delicious lunch prepared by our amazing cooks!  A special thank you goes out to all student council members that helped host this event and all the grandparents that came and made all of this possible!

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  • Summer Volleyball Information

    Volleyball Camp at Sumner

    When: July 28 & 29, 2016

    Where: SEM Gymnasium

    Who: All 2016-2017, 7-12 grade girls

    Cost: Free!

    Times: Morning Session from 9:00 – 11:00

    Afternoon Session from 12:00 – 2:00

    Coach Kappel will be providing a two day camp to emphasize various volleyball fundamental skills for any 2016 -2017 Junior High and High School girls.  If you wish to participate in this camp, please have a parent or guardian fill out the form on the back and return to Coach Kappel by May 13th.  

    Contact Coach Kappel with any questions.  


    Mustang Volleyball Camp Waiver

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