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Fantabulous Fourth Grade-2014

The Fantabulous Fourth Grade spent the last week reviewing and learning the 7 Traits of a Personal Narrative. The first thing we did was trace our hand and add 2 fingers. The students thought that it was a “hoot” to see their hands with 7 fingers.  We then discussed what makes up a Personal Narrative adding a trait to each finger. As we were reviewing and learning we added actions to help us make a connection, which in turn makes our brains remember things so MUCH easier.


Then the “fun” began… THE TEST! The students were given a piece of paper and they drew a hand + 2 fingers and wrote down each trait they could remember. The next step was to Give One, Get One from a friend. When my students do this they have to talk to a friend that is NOT a shoulder partner and Give One to their friend and Get One from their friend.  Most students had a complete hand by this time. YIPPEE!! Just in case I had a friend or two that were still missing a few traits, so I then began to do the actions for each trait.  By the end of the actions all of my friend had a complete Personal Narrative Hand!


I am extrememly proud of the effort and learning that the students did in such a short amount of time! Stay tuned because now we are analyzing stories deciding if they contain all the “fingers” needed to be a Personal Narrative!


Wolfinger Family Donation Fund

Please keep the Wolfinger family in your thoughts and prayers..... They lost their house yesterday in a fire. It was a complete loss.  Click Here to read article How to Donate to the Wolfingers..... There is an account set up at 5 Points Bank 100 West 5th Avenue Sumner, NE 68878 Please make checks payable to the Wolfinger Family and either mail them or drop them off at the bank.  DO NOT BRING DONATIONS TO THE SCHOOL read more feedback

Mustang Report

Mustang Report By Principal Bill Schmidt  The 2014-2015 school year has started and the first two weeks have been fantastic.  The students have been very respectful and have been working hard in the classroom.  Students in grades K-11 have either started and some have even completed the Measure of Academic Progress or MAPs testing.  SEM schools has 40 laptops and 23 desk tops that were used during testing, and that has helped speed up the process and allowed students to miss less class time.  . . . read more Feedback

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