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There will be a 12:45 student dismissal on December 19th due to an ELL/LEP training for teachers from 1:00 to 1:45.

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Elementary Music Concert Information

2014 Elementary Concert

Thursday, December 18th at 6:30pm


We have three groups performing on the elementary concert.  The following is suggested concert attire for each group.  This is not mandatory, just simply suggestions to ensure that every student has an opportunity to look like their group or character.  Students need to arrive between 6:00 and 6:15pm to get ready for the concert.  The Pre-School and Kindergarten classes will start the program, followed by the 5/6 grade band and closing the evening will be the 1st-4th grade musical.  Pre-School and Kindergarten will meet in their classrooms.  1st through 6th grades will meet in the music room. 


Pre-School and Kindergarten students:  Any nice clothes.  They will stand and sing only.  They will not have costumes.


5th-6th Grade Band

I would like them to wear concert attire.  Something dressy that will allow them to play their instruments effectively.  I prefer no blue jeans or tennis shoes.  I have shoes that they can borrow if needed.  If you can’t find dress clothes, please contact me and we can make arrangements.  These students will perform three songs.


1st-4th Grade Program-  Christmas on Candycane Lane

This program is about looking different and (in the end) all getting along regardless of the way we look.  Basically the red and green candy canes are against each other.  The trees are on the green side, Santa and his elves are on the red side.  The soldiers, Rudolph, and Mrs. Claus are neutral.  All candy canes have a candy cane of their color cut out and will hang from their necks.  The trees will also have cut outs to hang in front.  Elves will have Santa hats and red collars with bells.  Soldiers will have hats (toy soldierish).  These will all be kept at the school and put on prior to the program.  They are all provided by the school also. 


Red Candy Canes:  Please dress in at least some red.  The more the merrier! 

2nd Grade:  Hayley Boon, Bently  Dehart, Delaney Myers, Deylin Recinos, Katelynn Reiter, Cohen Rohde, Rilyn Schledewitz, and Jaelin Wolfinger

3rd Grade:  Jenna Claflin, Ely Dehart, Tessa Nichols, Navarre Plagmann, and Darren Schroeder

4th Grade:  Jenalee Alspaugh, Jacie Wolfinger


Elves:  Please dress in some red.  Other colors are fine too, but they’re on the red side.

1st Grade:  All 1st grade students are elves!!!


Soldiers:  Any camo is good.  The more “soldier” they look…the better.  I’ll have hats for them to wear.

2nd Grade:  Carson Bosak and Clayton Scoville

3rd Grade:  Colt Schroeder

4th Grade:  Kellen Eggleston, Noah Eggleston, and Bryson Eacker



Green Candy Canes:  Please dress in at least some green.  The more the merrier!

2nd Grade:  Grayden Anderson, Emanuel Guido, Maddox Jones, Allie Rohde, and Anna Triplett

3rd Grade:  Ryan Arbuthnot, Shaylee Bashaw, Bart Beattie, Jay’ne Crawford, Katrese Detter, Cassie Dodd, Reece Eacker, and Jace Rosentreader

4th Grade:  Briseida Flores and Leroy Gilmore


Trees:  Please dress in some green.  Other colors are fine too, but they’re on the green side.

2nd Grade:  Jayce Boteo, Marco Ferreira, Jacob Hoblyn-Bittner, and Adrian McKee

3rd Grade:  Merry Day, Avery Franzen, Joelle Gilmore, and Mikah O’Neill

4th Grade:  Corin Bryan, Rachael Kearney, and Josie Smith

Santa:  We have a Santa suit.   (Creyton Line)

Rudolph:  Please dress in some brown or “deer color”  (Mikayla Schroeder)

Mrs. Claus:  Please wear something with red and green on it.  Mrs. Claus is on both sides and brings everything together in the end.  (Danielle Claflin)


Please remember that these are only suggestions.  If you have already picked out/bought clothes, dresses, outfits or want to fix hair a particular way, you can certainly do that!   We will try to adjust the costuming accordingly, just let us know.  If you know that your child will not be able to attend, please tell me as soon as you know so that I can cover their part!  Thank you all for the help and we are looking forward to a great concert! 


Mr. Justin Bosak

School:  308-752-2925

Cell:  308-430-2493


All this information is also posted on the school website:  www.semmustangs.org


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